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Our campaign with Icelandic partners changed the conversation about whaling in Iceland.

We co-organized three large events in Reykjavik this year, including a talk about whaling at the Nordic House with lawyers, activists, artists, musicians, philosophers, economists and marine biologists. It was the largest event there in years. We organized a protest march against whaling with Bjork that brought out over 500 people onto the streets of Reykjavik. And we threw a whale gala featuring dozens of leading artists and musicians that drew over 1000 people.

We gathered support internationally from actors and whale conservation organizations, and started a petition that got over a half million signatures which we presented to the Icelandic government.

Through our Icelandic legal partners, we submitted demand letters to the government and local authorities to stop whaling based on violations of Icelandic law.

In collaboration with Jason Momoa and Seaspiracy we got millions of views on our short IG films about whaling, and we directed over 15 short films with leading Icelandic artists, actors, musicians and writers about ending whaling that were published on the website of one of the leading Icelandic news outlets - Visir.

All of these efforts influenced the decision to suspend whaling during the summer of 2023, saving approximately 125 fin whales.



+60 NGOs signed
to end whaling in Iceland

More than 60 organizations and individuals have signed a joint statement supporting the decision of Svandís to pause whaling and asking the Icelandic government not to reissue a new 5 year permit. 



We organised an event with over two dozen artists and musicians at the Whales of Iceland where more than 800 people attended, celebrating whales and dancing into the night.

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